About Us

Berguzar is a winery established in  Denizli province where is the second largest grape producing region in Turkey. 98841 da. area  are used for wine grapes in especially  Çal, Bekilli ve Güney region .The region has 17 wineries. The  Winery has a great place among vineyards at the altitude of 858m in Selcen neighborhood of town of Çal.

All the grapes used for wine are collected within 30 km radius. All the grapes are crushed for wine within a couple hours after being harvested.

In addition having this special advantage in winemaking, the region has also been famous with its wines since the ancient times. All the artifacts recovered in region suggested that wine was made and transported to other regions as well.

Our company’s winemaking  practice employs a mixture of traditional, local grapes such as Çalkarası, Öküzgözü, Boğazkere  and modern, imported varieties (whose ancestors may well have originated here). The increasingly global red-wine portfolio of  Cabernet SauvignonMerlot and Syrah is available.

Denizli Selcen

The winery

Winery itself is  strategically located among the vineyards in north south axis. Heat isolated cement modular panels was used in building to maintain stable heat  inside and protect wines from daily heat changes from outside temperatures. Building area is 900 m2 


Our machinery includes stainless steel tanks, filtration systems, harvesting and grape processing equipment which is available upon request.

Selcen Mah. 1 Nolu Kumeevler
No 7
Cal, Denizli 20765